The Huffington Post Books blog recently published an interview by screenwriter Devra Maza with Catherine Linka titled, “Becoming Fearless: A Conversation With A Girl Undone Author Catherine Linka“. Maza praises both Linka and her writing:

“As a screenwriter, I was impressed with how visually the books read, allowing us to see everything Linka writes in rich imagery. Her characters have such emotional depth, they come alive on the page. They may soon come alive on screen as the books are optioned by Universal Cable Productions for television. In the meantime, reading has unique rewards. I always enjoy talking to fellow writers, but chatting with Linka is enriching as well. Her passion for public causes infuses the personal yarns she’s chosen to weave and yet, her books are never preachy, just tightly-knit page-turners.”

> Read the interview.

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